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Amanda Grace
Your Daily Devotion Practice

 Let's Slay Some Generational Trauma, 
 Shall We?  

So you can be the happy, confident, out-going woman you want to be. 

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You might not be someone who considers herself impacted by generational trauma. But what if you've just become accustomed to the symptoms?

Most people struggling with this, don’t even realize it.

Traumatic experiences can take many forms & often don’t affect only those who survive them. The impact of these experiences can reverberate across generations, shaping present day lives in unexpected ways.

The result is that our brains become wired to prioritise safety at all costs, often causing problems that feel insurmountable & which can negatively influence how we see & feel about ourselves.

By interrupting the trauma cycle, we can release unhelpful patterns such as:: 

Persistent fear, anxiety, shame & stress
Difficulty regulating emotions & behaviours
Overwhelm, procrastination, indecision & self sabotage
Hypersensitivity to conflict, criticism & opinions of others
Low self esteem, perfectionism & having a harsh inner critic
Problems with boundaries, people pleasing & saying NO
Unworthiness & feeling undeserving of good things
Poor work life balance; overworking & under-earning

"Something's wrong...it must be me"

People impacted by generational trauma usually think that they are the problem. Here's why...

Living In The Shadows...

I grew up in a happy, loving home, a stark contrast to the challenging past of prior generations marked by poverty, alcoholism & unaddressed traumas.

These struggles extended beyond our family into Ireland's historical traumas - centuries of occupation, famine & institutional abuse. 

Although far removed from these events, I eventually recognised that their lasting impact had profoundly influenced my life, manifesting in my own attitudes & behaviours, ultimately shaping my sense of identity, worthiness & self esteem; and not in a good way.

For over a decade, I've remained committed to breaking the cycle of inherited pain, forging a path toward healing, happiness & resilience.

My mission is to empower others to confront and heal the shadows of generational trauma, creating a legacy of strength, compassion & true self-discovery.

I Teach You Essential Skills That
Allow You To Become Happy & Free

Can I guarantee you these results? That answer is up to you.
My job is to help you cultivate the GUTS, GROUNDING & GRACE you will need
for the journey & to hold space for you as you create a new way of living.


Claim your worth. Communicate & set boundaries confidently. Live authentically. Transform uncertainty into self-assuredness, powerful presence & courage.


Master self-regulation. Find serenity in slowing down & expressing your creativity. Know & tend to your needs. Establish a grounded & empowered sense of self.


Experience the transformative power of love, gratitude, forgiveness & Grace. Embrace vulnerability & become a compassionate witness to your own self-healing journey.

What My Clients Say

I just feel so good. I can never, ever, ever go back because now that I know how life is when you live this way, I can't live any other way. I love being me. 


I'm not a doormat anymore. I'm using my voice to express my true self without fear of other people's reactions or disapproval. I know my mind & I speak it.



Don't waste another day lost in the shadows; this work isn't going to do itself. Start your Daily Devotion Practice today & step towards a freedom & happiness that will change your life.

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